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Flexible cast iron drainage pipe and classificatio

Release date:2013-11-29 13:46:33  Source:Wuan Keli Steel Co., Ltd.

1 , from the piping system composed of cast iron drainage pipe can be divided into straight pipes, fittings , auxiliary three categories.
Straight pipe is the main component of the piping system ; wide variety of pipe fittings is the guarantee of the drainage system ( collection, steering, breathable, closed water breath , energy dissipation ease pressure checks wrecker , etc. ) ; assistant principal connecting , sealing effect.
2, from the interface to form, cast iron drainage pipe and rigid flexible interface can be divided into two major categories of interfaces .
Flexible Interface drain has strong anti- flexing , stretching deformation and seismic capacity, has broad applicability .
Lack of rigid radial drainage interfaces Flexing , stretching deformation and seismic capacity , using processes are building deformation, thermal expansion and contraction , vibration and other external forces geology , easy to produce tube rupture, resulting in leakage accident , they have been gradually eliminated, using only low-rise buildings or in some special occasions.
3 , put from the connection interface , flexible interface can be divided into no cast iron drainage pipe socket W ( commonly known as the snap-on ) , the mechanical flange type A , ( double ) mechanical flange type B , flexible socket type other four . Flexible drainage pipe above four interfaces are widely used in different countries and regions , is currently the more commonly used W-type , A-type , B -type three.
W -type pipe with a small radial size ( not blue plate ) , easy layout, save space , the length can be cut in the field needed to save sets of pipes, easy disassembly and repair will replace other advantages.
Interface Type A pipe with high strength , good sealing, strong seismic performance advantages.
Double flange (B type ) combines the W -type straight pipe length can be cut demand sets , A -type interface advantages of high strength , and gradually accepted by the market and choose.
Flexible tubing with moderate radial socket type size , easy installation, strong seismic performance advantages, but accuracy and accessories manufacturing precision, high quality requirements. There is not yet a flexible socket type product , should serve as a key manufacturing enterprises in the future product development.
4 , from the manufacture of molding methods , straight pipe can be divided into mechanisms , hand foundry two categories, which can be divided into mechanisms of metal centrifugal casting and continuous casting two . Fittings can be divided into mechanical modeling and hand foundry two categories.
Centrifugal casting metal tube with dense , smooth surface , uniform thickness, dimensional stability and high production efficiency , the vast majority of enterprises to adopt production methods ; worse continuous casting of straight pipe surface quality , production efficiency is low ; hand pipe foundry shortcomings more defects , are out of the market products.