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Flexible cast iron drainage pipe project applicati

Release date:2013-11-29 13:49:25  Source:Wuan Keli Steel Co., Ltd.

According to the construction experience in the actual installation works , A -and W-shaped pipe with the use of the two is better, both to meet the needs of the construction quality , functionality , but also can save materials and reduce costs. Generally horizontal drainage mains , the first floor of the family should adopt the A -tube pipe , drainage and drainage branch pipe riser should adopt the W -shaped tube . With the use of this advantage is : A -tube due to the better mechanical properties gland flange connection , doing horizontal drainage pipe when dry , can guarantee the life and functionality. Meanwhile , due to its good mechanical strength , especially for high-level cross- tube drainage of households that can withstand the impact of the upper runoff .
W -tube due to the quick installation, the interface can flex good , to do a drainage riser selection of materials , especially as the installation of drainage construction in the toilet and bath horizontal branch pipe , you can use its interface can be a good and tight flex nature of the slope drains be well controlled . At the same time due to the characteristics of W-type pipe fittings , combined with the status quo now completed renovation of residential projects ( usually toilet and bathroom drain standpipe Ming Lu ) , when conducting covert riser decoration , easy Decoration , you can save space and increase the actual area . In addition, the A -and W-shaped with the use of two pipes , in addition to the above reasons, but also because the remaining A short -tube installation and construction materials generated during the installation can be used as ground horizontal drainage branch pipe , saving material , with good economic benefits. At home and abroad combined use of the two pipes , the author of his own little experience in construction use , focusing on the installation and construction of W -shaped tube , make a brief introduction .
W -tube connecting pieces made ??of stainless steel clamp connection construction . Stainless steel clamp piece consists of pouches, clamps, perforated roll axis and bolts. Interface uses a rubber sleeve seal , good effect, can withstand vibrations from all directions ( including earthquake ) . Housing is stainless steel clamps, beautiful solid interfaces , corrosion-resistant . When you install an interface to the maximum diameter of the hoop to relax the limit , first set into the stainless steel jacket pipe , then both ends of the interface, respectively, into the rubber kit, stainless steel outer jacket sleeve in the rubber sleeve is screwed firmly to obtain satisfactory results.
W -tube connection determines its installation and maintenance features , however , the use of bolt connections extruded rubber sealing cap connection with the sealing material itself in addition to the degree of relationship , but depending on the degree of fastening bolts . According to the author's experience in construction , tightening bolts, preferably using special tools provided by the manufacturers supporting the ( currently on the market there ) , so that you can ensure that the tightening effect and can improve work efficiency. In addition, when clogged drains , just to clamp pieces can be removed , simple, which is the traditional advantages of other pipes do not.
In order to ensure the quality of construction and the use of function to prevent run, run, drip, leak phenomenon, in the actual project , in addition to routine tests pass water through ball , the author also uses a full test and tap water combined with listening to the sound approach. The materials for each full of water entering the test checks all be admitted after passing specific use , tapping materials , such as sound Qingcui , then pass , if there is a buzzing sound , then rupture . Second, in a day after pipeline construction , temporary closure of the nozzle to prevent clogging of the debris falling into the pipes. After the installation is complete between each toilet and bathroom are on the drainage branch pipe full of water tests done , mainly to check for leaks interfaces , there are problems in time.