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Flexible cast iron drainage pipe Precautions

Release date:2013-11-29 13:50:03  Source:Wuan Keli Steel Co., Ltd.

W -shaped tube connected to the pipe using the flat high quality requirements, the outside diameter of cast iron drainage pipe ovality , wall thickness and physical properties of the rubber ring has a high demand because of flat watertight performance conditions are poor, therefore, in addition to strictly control outside the body , such as the quality of pipes and fittings , but also pay special attention to the protection of pipes and fittings port , to ensure oval and flatness port.
W -tube installation and construction should be strictly enforced in accordance with the operating procedures . Especially when the straight tube mounting interface of each tube required riser riser card fixed on the load-bearing walls of the building ; cross tube should each additional hanger interface , the connection of sanitary ware are concentrated toilet and bath office, if the connection of sanitary ware two interfaces on the horizontal branch pipe distance of not more than 600mm, can be set to a hanger in the middle.
Because of pipes and fittings W -tube Unlike plastic products, especially the larger pipe geometry in tunnel construction aside , we must check the size and layout drawings actual installation size is appropriate, in order to avoid inappropriate unable to set aside the hole installation and subsequent secondary chiseling .
As the new flexible cast iron drainage pipe centrifugal casting its own characteristics , the current rise in domestic construction is widely used , and can replace imported products related to and comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Construction document selection . You can say that it has all the advantages of the old cast iron pipes and plastic pipes socket , the choice of such a pipe , saving investment, but also to solve the shortcomings of the past, drainage pipe , with high strength , corrosion resistance, low noise , seismic fire features, the use of a greater degree of functionality to meet the requirements, so to maximize interior space layout , received a good social and economic benefits.